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Dear All,

Attached you can find the answers to the questions that were send in.



General Briefing information - Official launch

Dear Balloon Live Contest Pilots,

This is the so called “General briefing information” to start with the Balloon Live Contest 2021.

With no real General briefing, not even as an online meeting session, please read the following information and study the rules that are published. 

As this is a decentralised competition, the rules have been slightly modified from the normal AXMER rules. In section III, the non-relevant parts have simply been deleted. The additional and new wordings are marked in green. The numbering of the rules has been adapted in section I and II, but not in section III. 

As stated in the rules, questions may be submitted to up to 48 hours after the publication of these notes, e.g. on Monday 3rd of May at 09:00 UTC. Answers will be published here latest on Tuesday 4th of May at 09:00 UTC.

The publication of the first task sheet is planned for Wednesday.

A Whatsapp group has also been set up and you will receive an email to join the group. Please do not use the group for discussions as it is meant for announcements only. All request and questions should be addressed by email to

If you have any questions or problems with the Balloon Live app or the new sensor, please refer to or contact

Thank you very much for participating in this new type of competition. I hope you are looking forward as much as we do to an exciting and challenging time.

All the best and good luck,

Claude Weber

Competition rules

The following document is the version of the competition rules for the Balloon Live Contest.