The Original Indianola Practice National Championship Open InvitationalIndianola, United States

Final Farewell1 August 2020 - 17:52
Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all that participated this week. It was a great chance to get a taste of what we were missing as well as challenge some pilots to some new tasks they may not get to try outside of the national level competitions. Scott and myself had a blast and want to give a shout out to Bill for his assistance, all of the scorers - Sheri, Louise, Terry, Scott, Allie and Lindsay that helped with propane, Country Propane, Country Inn and Suites, Simpson College, Fuelink members, and the National Balloon Classic. THANK YOU!

Attached, please find the overall scores - we understand that most pilots didn't have the chance to fly every flight, but fun to compare to those that flew same tasks as you. I also included overall scores that did not include and electronic tasks or results - baggies in MMA only.

Until next year, safe and fun flying. 

More Winners!1 August 2020 - 17:30
The top three pilots for the Hare and Hounds task flown Friday evening out of Simpson College are as follows (Yes, the payout is in reverse order!):
1st Place: Gary Haynes ($100)
2nd Place: Eric Martens ($200)
3rd Place: Jon Shelton ($300)
Common Launch Guidelines for This Evening31 July 2020 - 14:11
Please read the attached document for important information regarding the activities surrounding this evening's flight.
Winners!29 July 2020 - 10:41
Congratulations to Branden Bloom for having the best marker drop on the flight over Indianloa. As a prize he will receive free propane for the duration of the tasks run!
Congratulations to Jason Jones for having the best result on last nights task. He is the winner of the $50 West Hill Brewing Company gift certificate!
Water for Pilots on Sale29 July 2020 - 10:37
The local True Value has offered 24 packs of water to pilots for $2.75 each. If you stop in, then just let them know you're a pilot and you will receive the discount. Thank you Pfeifer family for the promo!
Flight Over Indianola27 July 2020 - 12:29
Tonight's weather is looking promising for the first evening flight. With that said, this evening's task will consist of a goal designed to have pilots fly over Indianola. As previously posted, the winner of this task will be awarded the free propane for the week donated by Fuelink. Please monitor the Tasks & Results page for task data on all flights. Tonight's task sheet will be posted by 6pm. 
NBC Field Access and Markers25 July 2020 - 10:09
Please see attached.
Tonight's Task Data Sheet (TDS)24 July 2020 - 14:50
Reminder - monitor the Tasks & Results link for the status of task calling. For example, tonight's TDS is already posted and in "pending" status. Many evenings will not have tasks called (fun your thing!),. The purpose of this task, however, is to get people to fly over town and it includes the free propane prize, therefor it is being posted for an evening flight for anybody wishing to participate.
General Notes on Flights, Tasks, etc. - updated 7/24 @ 07:4524 July 2020 - 11:00
Please review the attached document for a few general notes about what is planned and intentions for the week.

Weather Outlook for Indianola23 July 2020 - 20:08
The infamous Brad Temeyer has put together a general synopsis of the weather for Indianola over the next several days. Please take a look if you wish to use this information to formulate your flying plans for the week.
Free Beer!22 July 2020 - 20:48
West Hill Brewing Co. of Indianola has donated a $50 gift certificate to be awarded to the winning pilot of a specified task during the upcoming flights! Good luck to all pilots on the task once it is announced. Click on the link to have a look at what the tap room has to offer...stop by for a refreshing beverage...and be sure to thank Doug and Heather Gaumer for adding some excitement to the week that never happened in Indianola!
NBC Property Policies and Social Media Statement21 July 2020 - 14:30
Under “normal” circumstances one of the best things about flying is sharing the experience via social media; however, we ask all pilots and crew to please keep flight information including planned launch points and targets, crew shout-outs, and pics off social media as much as possible. As wonderful as it would be to promote this unofficial event, NBC along with city/county officials and public health, has asked us to do everything in our power not to draw attention to our activities, which ultimately draws a crowd.

Please find attached NBC property polices, which must be adhered to through the duration of the week. It should also go without saying, please be respectful when on NBC property - clean up after yourselves.
Map file20 July 2020 - 20:37
This is the Dropbox link that will take you to a map file that could be beneficial. There is a .JPEG image for pilots to calibrate for their programs. If you happen to use Ozi there is a calibrated .MAP file for your use. Because this is not an official event associated with any other event there will be no other map files posted.
Free Propane!20 July 2020 - 20:22
As a way of saying thank you to all of the Fuelink members for their understanding of changes that will be implemented between July 24th and August 1st, the Fuelink Board of Directors has approved a prize to be awarded to one of its members. A task will be posted where the pilot that achieves the best valid result will have their propane provided at no charge on the dates previously noted. The task will be very similar to an example task already listed in the Tasks and Results section. The pilot will be responsible for flying over a set point and use the Balloon Live app to make a valid electronic mark as close as possible to the coordinates provided. This prize is valid for a member that was in good standing through July 1, 2020. The prize is non-transferable and must be used for the balloon system the pilot is personally flying. Good luck Fuelink members, and thank you Fuelink!
Pilots Intending to Fly to Morning Targets17 July 2020 - 09:40
Another intention of placing hard targets (Xs) to be scored is to gain HACD task scores to submit to the BFA. All HACD card holders will be scored against the entire field of balloons each morning (not just the HACD pilots), and those scores will be submitted to the HACD.

Nobody is required to throw a marker if they choose to fly with this group. The flying area remains open to all pilots from anywhere. Some pilots may be participating in the tasks we call, and some may not. A few pilots have mentioned that they may come and go throughout the week. This is perfectly fine. If a pilot is listed in the field, but doesn't make a flight, they will only be given a "not competing" result. Those pilots will not receive a zero (or "did not fly") for a score.

In order to build a field of pilots intending to fly with this group (for sanction points or not), please send an email to one of the addresses listed at the end of this post. Your name will then be added to the pilot list on Watchmefly. (Scott) (Cory)
Refueling Information16 July 2020 - 23:41
Refueling will be done through Fuelink, Inc. at the National Balloon Classic field. Because this is not an officially organized event, the link below explains the rules for utilizing refueling station(s) at the NBC field.
Watchmefly - why sign up?16 July 2020 - 22:56
Nobody is required to register or create an account in order to fly targets throughout the week. By signing up on on the Watchmefly (WMF) website, however, we will post your scores on WMF for you to see how well you did! Another reason to create a WMF account is that you will be added to the pilot list enabling you to participate in the electronic targets and "marker" drops we hope to experiment with if you so choose. Again, this is not a requirement, but an opportunity to learn and/or practice something you may not have much exposure to at many events. There will be a learning curve to this for both the pilots and the scorers. Apologies now for whatever may or may not occur!
Balloon Live App16 July 2020 - 20:59
This link will take you to the site for the Balloon Live app utilized for electronic scoring. Here you can click on links to "learn more about the app" and "see how it works" prior to downloading and using it during competition. The information on this site is very useful if electronic markers and target declarations are unfamiliar to you.