Flight 4 - Sunday 8 Aug 2021 AM
06:18 / 20:50
2,000 meters
Not Required
Task 9 - FIN - Fly In (Rule 15.4)

Position of Goals/Targets:

0536/2049 - MMA 50m - 1650ft

Marker Drop: Gravity

Marker Color: yellow

Logger Marker: #1

Task Order: In Order

Scoring Period End: 08:30

Scoring Area: Entire contest area

Task 10 - RTA - Race to an Area (Rule 15.10)

Task Order: In Order

Scoring Period End: 09:00

Scoring Area: East of gridline 1100


The pilot must declare before the mark of task 9 the local time of the day of the first entry into the scoring area (first track point inside the scoring area).

The declaration must be in loggergoal #1 and must have the following format:

hhmm in the easting field
where hh = hour and mm = minutes
The time hh:mm:00 will be used.

The result is the difference (absolute) between the declared time and the time of the first trackpoint inside the scoring area. Shortest result is best.