2020 Canowindra International Balloon ChallengeCanowindra, Australia

Rule Book14 February 2020 - 15:03
This is the official rule book for the event. There are a couple of key changes from the AXMER rules so it is definitely a good idea to review the rules before the General Briefing.
Some of the key rule changes to be aware of are:
  • II.17 Details For the Use of GPS Loggers (BalloonLive App)
  • 4.1 Event Directors
  • 4.3 Alternate Method for Selecting a Jury
  • 5.10 Official Notice Board
BalloonLive App6 February 2020 - 10:01
We will be using the FAI BalloonLive app as the loggers for the event. 

We recommend that you download the app and start having a play with it. It comes with a training mode, so you can practice flying with it (or walking around the block), declaring goals and dropping marks.

There are plenty of details on the BalloonLive website: http://balloonlive.org/
Canowindra International Balloon Challenge 20206 February 2020 - 09:59

We are pleased to invite all balloonists to the 2020 Canowindra International Balloon Challenge to be held from April 15th to 19th 2020.

There has been a lot of doubt over the future of this years event due to a substantial shortfall following last years event but thanks to the generous support of the local council and community the event will proceed, albeit in a shortened format.

We will be running a competition across the first 5 days of the event to provide all balloonists the opportunity to hone their skills and also to provide the Worlds team members the opportunity to practice prior to World Championship events later this year.

All balloonists are welcome and fiesta balloons are as important to us as the competitors.

Things have been very tough in the Canowindra area with the extended drought really taking its toll. The event this year is targeted at bringing people into the main street and driving economic impact into a struggling region of NSW. We have also partnered with Aussie Helpers drought relief charity to help support local communities.

As part of the changes in 2020 we also have a new committee with founders, Graham and Jan Kerr stepping down and a group of enthusiastic local residents taking on the responsibility.

We will have more information in the near future but this is just a heads up to allow you to make plans and book accommodation. We will have some camp sites available as per previous years for balloonists and if you are interested in this please send me a message in FB.

If you can make it out to support the event and community it would be great to see you there again.