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Tasksheet Slot #3
Dear competitors,

Attached you will find the tasksheet of slot #3.

Have fun! Safe flight!
We are never to old to learn
The last 2 weeks have been a learning experience for the most of us. Have a read in the attached file for some learning tips.
Tasksheet slot 2
Dear Competitors,

Attached you can find Tasksheet 2 of the Early Birds 2.0 Balloon Competition.

As you will notice, something completely different as set in TDS 1.

Good luck to you all! 

Enjoy and have a safe flight.


Jonas Maes
Dear Competitors,

Due to some software issues concerning scoring and logging your flights, we need to shorten the flight-slots with one day.

Attached you can find the new timetable of slots 2 until 7.
Please send us the Flight Report Form shortly afther your competition flight
Altough this is a fun competition we do have some request to the pilots, one off them is copied as the title of this post. We just added the word "Please".

In a regular competition the first thing the pilot does after packing up the balloon is go back to the Competition Centre for debriefing.
We've made life easier for the pilots, they don't have to come to the Competition Centre in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.
All they have to do is mail the FRF (that's on the ENB here at WatchMeFly) to erwin@dbcc.nl 
A filled in FRF helps the scoring process

Thanks in advance