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And the winner is...
This first Early Birds 2.0 is over.
Congrats to the winner Steven Vlegels!

It was an interesting and exciting battle with Roman and David until the very.

You can check the complete final results on http://www.ballooncompetitionresults.com/2020/2020EB2/EB2.PDF

Also a very big 'thank you' to scorers Erwin Pellegrom and Marnix Dobbelaere for their great job.

Hope to see you all soon!

Kind regards and blue skies,

Jonas Maes

Tasksheet Slot #7

The tasksheet of slot 7 is published!


As this is the final slot, we will know the winner on 10/09/2020.

More details about any prizegiving will announced soon.


We hope you have enjoyed the competition flights set during this Early Birds 2.0 competition.

We all know competition flights with targets and baggies are a lot more fun, but considering the circumstances related to Covid-19, we have tried to simulate you a real competition during your free time.


Keep well and stay healthy!

Hope to see you all soon in a real briefing-room!


Blue skies,


Jonas, Erwin & Marnix

Early Birds 2.0 Officials Team

Tasksheet Slot #6
Dear competitors,

The tasksheet of slot #6 is published.

Good luck to you all and have fun!
New version / update Balloon Life App
Dear competitors,

There is a new version available of the Balloon Life App.

This version includes;
- 5/4 and 4/5 declaration mode support.
- Fixes and stability improvements.
- Flight synchronization update.
- Improvement concerning 'crash' when there is a gps-connection with external device.
- Update to support newer versions of iOS and Android.

The app wil start to update automatically, or you will receive an notification.

Please, make sure you test the app prior to the flight to make sure everything function properly.


Tasksheet Slot #5
Dear competitors,

The tasksheet of slot 5 is published!

As you wil notice, we have set an expirimental RTA task called 'Estimated Time Of Duration'.

Make sure you read the taskdata very well before your flight to avoid mistakes!

Good luck, and enjoy your competition flight!