Australian National Ballooning Championships 2022

Northam, Australia
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Competition Map and Associated Files

The Official Competition Map is now available for download at the following link: (

This link includes the calibrated .ozf map; a basic JPG for those who need it and version 1 of the Official Goal List.

Also we are providing, for use in your navigation software, plot (track) files and KML files of powerlines. This powerline material is provided as an additional safety measure and you are encouraged to use it as an aid to ensuring appropriate separation from powerlines; however:

  • No responsibility is accepted by the Event Organisers for any omissions, inaccuracies or errors in the material, or any reliance placed on the material;
  • Any reliance placed on any material provided is at your own risk;
  • Do not allow the competition to distract your attention from safe flying;
  • It is the pilot’s responsibility at all times to avoid contact with powerlines. 
Balloon Live Pilot Resources

In accordance with the approved Rules for The Australian National Hot Air Ballooning Championships 2021; the Logger used in this Event is the FAI “Balloon Live” App with a connected Balloon Live Sensor.

Each competitor will need to supply their own mobile device (phone or tablet) connected to either the Telstra or Optus mobile networks (other networks have very limited coverage in the Northam Area). The Balloon live App, which is available for iOS and Android, must be installed by each competitor beforehand on their own device. For those competitors who do not have their own Balloon Live Sensor, a Sensor will be provided at check-in by the ABF.

Every competitor MUST  familiarise themselves with the set up and use of the App and Sensor prior to the competition.

The following resources are available:

IOS App Store
Android App Store
FAI Balloon Live On Facebook
BLS User Manual
BLS Quick Reference Guide
BLS Latest Firmware


Reference Documents

 The following reference documents will be used for The Australian National Hot Air Ballooning Championships 2021

All competitors should acquaint themselves with the contents of these documents; particularly the Competition Operations Handbook

  • Sporting Code General Section (Ed. 2020 v1.1) – download
  • Sporting Code Section 1 (Ed. April 2021) – download
  • CIA Competition Operations Handbook (Ed. 2021)   – download
Approved Rules for the Event

The Rules for the Australian National Hot Air Ballooning Championship 2021 have been approved by the Australian Ballooning Federation and are available here for download.