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New dates 2023
7 Dec 2022

As you probably already saw, there are new dates for the 2023 edition of our One Day Flight in Sint-Niklaas.
Invitations will be sended begin January 2023.

One Day Fly 2022 - Cancelled
1 Dec 2022
Dear Pilots,
Dear Officials,

Given the weather conditions for upcoming weekend - which says about 10 kts at grond level and up to 15 - 20 kts on lower levels + possibility of low cloud base - we are forced to cancel the One Day Fly.

We were surprised and pleased that there were 26 registrations, and hope we can welcome you all again at the next edition in 2023.
Competition ballooning is growing - nationally and internationally - and would like to include you all into this story.

What we do want to continue is a meeting about the future of competitive ballooning in Belgium.
Competitive ballooning mainly relies on volunteers and people who selflessly dedicate themselves to this. However, in recent years this has become more and more difficult.

We would like to discuss this with all pilots and officials involved.

The proposal is to meet in Sint-Niklaas on Saturday-evening to discuss this topic.

If you can attend, please send a message to

If there is sufficient interest, we will let this continue, and we will communicate the exact location later.

Kind regards,

Jonas Maes
Djorry Simoen

Practice Flight and BalloonLive
22 Nov 2022
Dear competitors,

Something important that I once again draw your attention to, is the change in the functioning of the BalloonLive App.

Unlike previous competitions, you no longer need to use your token, but the credentials of your Watchmefly account. (Log-In ID and password)

To avoid problems on the first flight, I would like to ask that everyone to try to log in to the competition before the start of the event.

Guidelines how this work is all explained in detail in the 'How-To-Use' on

We have also set up a practice flight which you can fly before the start of the event. 
If you are not able to fly this, this is of course no problem.
What would be useful anyway is to log in to the event and start the flight. This way you can test for yourself whether everything works well.
Even without flying, you can practice with your BalloonLive application by declaring goals or do some marks as set in the TDS of the practice flight.


Jonas Maes

In meantime, keep an eye on the ENB for the latest news.
Rules ODF 2022
22 Nov 2022

Dear competitors,

In attachment you can find the AXMER 2022 who will be used during this event.


Jonas Maes

Section I and II
22 Nov 2022

Dear pilots,

See Section I and II in attachment.


Jonas Maes

Flight Report Forms - Digital via
2 Nov 2022

Dear pilots,

We will use the digital FRF during this competition.

The advantage of this is that the scorers will receive your FRF sooner, and therefore results can be calculated and published faster.

For those who are not familiar yet with this digital FRF, please take some time to look how everything works.

You can find an instruction video on or check the video's at the learning center on .

Kind regards,

Jonas Maes

BalloonLive App and BalloonLive sensor
2 Nov 2022

Dear pilots,

A new version of BalloonLive was released in May 2022.

Make sure you have the most recent version of BalloonLive installed on  your device.

With this new version, credits are need to be purchased if you want to participate in a competition using the BalloonLive Applicaton.

For example, when you will compete in the One Day Fly 2022, you will have to use 1 credit.

The expected cost per pilot, per credit will probably around 10€.

More info can be found on 

In combination with BalloonLive, the BalloonLive-Sensor will be used as well.

Make sure you have installed the most recent firmware on this device as well.

More info can be found on and 

For those who are not - or less - experienced with the BalloonLive-App, I advise you to take a look at this good instructional video.

You can find the video via this link:   


Jonas Maes

You are invited!
10 Oct 2022
We would like to invite you to our One Day Fly 2022 on 3 or 4 december 2022. Two flights and... participation is free.

Graag nodigen wij iedereen uit voor de One Day Flight 2022 op 3 of 4 december 2022. Twee vaarten en ... deelnemen is GRATIS !

Nous aimerions vous inviter au One Day Flight 2022 les 3 ou 4 décembre 2022. Deux vols et ... la participation est GRATUITE !