Watarase, Japan
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The Prize Money will be paid to the winners by Paypay

1st Place : 6,000 JPY

2nd Place : 4,000 JPY

3rd Place : 2,000 JPY

Method of Declaration

Declaration must be 4/4 digit with altitude.

If missing altitude, the goal may set at 700 feet MSL.

Pilots can redeclare the goals as much as possible.

Competition Flight Cancel

the first competition flight ( 2/10 ) has been cancelled by windy situation.

How to use BLS and update the firmware

If you want to know more about the BLS, here you can find the manuals in JAPANESE.

Also, you can download the latest version of firmware.

Downloads – BalloonLive

Event details

Uploaded about details of this event.

Please click the link bellow and check the details.