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17 Jun 2023

Please note:  The Saturday morning briefing will be at 5:30am.  Doors open at 5:15.

Remind messages will be sent out, but please spread the word.

We are cautiously optimistic to accomplish a full competition flight.

Jury Pool
17 Jun 2023

Potential Jury Members are: 

Trenten Caldwell 

Morghan Chando

Ben Leatherman

Lillian Speicher

Eric Wiggins 

16 Jun 2023

If your Balloon Live Sensor is giving an E-SEAL error message, please do the following ASAP (as early as possible today)

email your BLS serial number AND a description of when/how you got the E-SEAL  message to

Please include your phone number for questions.

We will attempt to resolve your issue before you leave Longview.  Please note, we may not be able to resolve all issues, depending on the circumstances causing the error.

Updated contest area
11 Jun 2023

Operations manual
10 Jun 2023
Pilot Schedule v3 Briefings start at 545am
8 Jun 2023
Propane Refueling Area
31 May 2023
Maude Cobb Convention Center
31 May 2023
Map, PZ and waypoint files
25 May 2023
FAA Waiver- Special Provisions
25 May 2023
2023 Young Guns Rules v2
23 May 2023