Stuart Gregory


I have been crewing for balloons since 1988.  I started to learn to fly balloons in 1990 and got hot air ballooning certificate in 1994.  I have been in a syndicate with Mike Cleaver (Wombat) from 1990 to 2015.  In that time we owned 2 balloons, firstly Hunter Old and then Chartreuse.  In 2015 I Bought Veraison, a 90,000 cubic foot Kubicek balloon.  This was the first Kubicek in Australia.  I regularly fly in Canberra and Temora.  I have flown in Mildura, Wangaratta, Wagga Wagga, The Rock, Weddin Mounts, Tooraweenah, Forbes, Narromine and Canawindra, as well as once in Wellington New Zealand.  I am interested on outback ballooning. 

In the past I have also flown GA Aircraft.  I have just returned to gliding after a 15 year break.  I also have a farm at Dirnaseer NSW, 12 nautical mile south east of Temora.

I an in the IT industry as a data specialist doing mainly Data Strategy, Data Management and Artificial Intelligence.