BENELUX Championship 2019Heiderscheid, Luxembourg

29 May 2019 - 2 June 2019

The national championship 2019 for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg will be held as an open championship from May 29 to June 2 at Camping Fussekaul (Heiderscheid-Luxembourg)

35 pilots have registered and 7 flights are foreseen

Martin Wegner (Germany) is the competition director assisted by Jean Klein (Luxembourg)

Met information (and hopefully adequate weather) will be provided by Claude Sales (Costa Rica/Luxembourg).

Jury will be chaired by Moniek Van de Velde and safety officer is Pascal Bourkel

Scoring is supervised by Christan Dreessen with the aid of Marnix Dobbelaere, Hendrik Hermansson and Eric Velinga

Target Team Manager is Uschi Zappe with the help of Lydie and Nico Clemens,  Ludo and Mathias Gebruers,  Angelika Henkelmann,  Marc van Orshoven,  Ilse Wamser,  Stefan Warner,  Anne and Pierre Van Wassenhove, Thorsten Wegner

Brigitte Fouache manages the 'Office' and we would be lost 'in paper' without her rigidity...

Finally thanks to 1mil Poos, Gisela Posovsky, Monique Jung and Alex McCafferty for administrative assistance and all at Luxembourg Balloon Club (LBC) for their help in preparing and setting up this event...

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Director: Martin Wegner National Championship Combined Logger/Marker Event
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