29 August 2024 - 2 September 2024

The Croatia Hot Air Balloon Open Championship - Prelog 2024 combines the excitement of competition with the serenity of soaring above the picturesque Croatian landscapes.

Competitors are in for a treat with a prize pot, a world-class competition organization, and free gas and accommodation. The festival promises not only intense competition but also a vibrant fiesta program, adding a festive touch to the event. Following the success of two previous balloon festivals, it draws tens of thousands of spectators on four days of competition, fiesta flights, concerts, and a rich social program. The town of Prelog is balloon-friendly, and the people in the Međimurje region are welcoming you to bring colours to their skies once again this year.

Gallery from past events:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SKriOmE_lSLPo5YwM8kM0NdVcNdoxzUf?usp=sharing

Video from past events: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-YY7i572mF2uG8ijJWSeLAaFcWqJT3CV/view?usp=sharing

Event instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/festivalbalonaprelog

Event Location: 

City of Prelog, Croatia
CLP  –
Marina Prelog

Competition center – Hotel Panorama Prelog

Event Dates



Balloon club Zagreb

Event Director: 

Christoph Fraisl

Entry fee:

Eary bird - 480€ (untill 1.6.), Regular- 580€ (untill 28.7.)

Included in the entry fee:

      Pilot pack (goodie bag with presents and vouchers).

      FAI-sanctioned CAT 2 competition.

      Flight and weather briefing.

      Welcome lunch / Prizegiving ceremony.

      Competition prizes/Key Grab



      Free accommodation + breakfast (pilot +3); 29.8. - 2.9.

      Coffee and pastries before the morning flights.

      Entertainment during the event (concerts, etc.).

Prize fund:

Total fund of 1750  (1st place 1000; 2nd place 500; 3rd place 250)

Additional services

Offers on accommodation/meals for extra crew are available. Contact us at info@baloni.hr

Rules and Regulations:

AX Model Event Rules in English.  BalloonLiveSensor and BalloonLiveApp will be used during the competition.


Event is open for all international pilots with FAI sport license with minimum 50 hours. Maximum 20 participants. Registration only via the watchmefly Homepage!

You will receive payment info after registration. Your entry will be considered accepted as soon as the entry fee is received.

Registration  Deadline: 




Training flights:

27.8. AM – 29.8.AM

Check in:

Thursday 29.8. 9:00 – 14:00

Welcome lunch:

Thursday 29.8. 12:00 – 14:00

General briefing

Thursday 29.8. 15:00

Opening Ceremony

Thursday 29.8. 17:00

First task briefing

Thursday 29.8. after general briefing

Last task briefing

Sunday 1.9. AM

If we don’t have enough tasks  Sunday1.9. PM

Award ceremony/lunch

Sunday 1.9. 14:00

Key grab

Sunday 1.9. PM

Night glow

Sunday 1.9., 20:30 – 21:00

Check out:

Monday 2.9. till 10 AM



Gas information


Refueling before the first task flight is possible during check-in hours. Last refueling Saturday PM. before the last competition flight.


Pilots participating in the night glow will have refueling available on Sunday after the morning flight and after the evening glow.


Outside of the competition schedule, before or after the event, pilots can refuel LPG at a local gas station at their own cost.


Additional information


On Sunday all pilots are asked to participate in the night glow. Refueling will be available for pilots after the glow.




Pilots will be hosted in Hotel Panorama**** (Competition Centre location), Hotel Kralj***, and Hostel Green **. You can choose your preference. First come first served.

Additional crew accommodation is possible at a reduced price.  For details and booking contact us at info@baloni.hr

Location Map
Competition Details
Director: Christoph Fraisl
FAI Sanctioned
State/Regional Championship
Combined Logger/Marker Event
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