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Flight 5 - task data sheet
19 Aug 2023
Flight 4 - Task data sheet
19 Aug 2023
New PZ - PZ10 RED Ostrich farm (9807 / 5513, R=300m, Alt 900 ft)
18 Aug 2023

PZ10 RED Ostrich farm (9807 / 5513, R=300m, Alt 900 ft)

Flight 3 - Task data sheet
18 Aug 2023
Flight 2 - Task data sheet
18 Aug 2023
Remaining flying program
18 Aug 2023

Following the R8.1 I announce that the last competition flight is planned for Saturday evening.
Shortened time limits applied according to R5.6

Evening flight is CANCELED
18 Aug 2023

Due to bad weather condition evening flight on 17.08 was canceled.

Morning flight is CANCELED
17 Aug 2023

Due to the storm and heavy rain, the morning flight on 17.08 is canceled—the next briefing is at 18:00 in Dolsk, Villa Natura (4110/6092).

Flight 1 - Task data sheet
16 Aug 2023
Jury list
16 Aug 2023

Jury President:                       Ewa Prawicka (POL)

Jury member:                         Bartosz Nowakowski  (POL)

Jury member:                         Harold Cliver (USA)

Jury member:                         Dominic Bareford  (UK)

Internet Access in Briefing room
16 Aug 2023

WiFi name: NS Guest Network

Password: Balloon123


WiFi name: WLAN-ATT

Password: hotel1234

Test flight 1
15 Aug 2023

Good morning,

In the attachment, you will find the Task sheet for Test Flight #1. For those who don't have their own marker couple of orange markers, I left them on the table in the hall in front of the reception.

Have a good flight.


Information about refueling
15 Aug 2023

16.08.2023 (Wednesday) - 20:15 - 22:00

17.08.2023 (Thursday) - 08:30 - 10:30 | 21:30 - 24:00

18.08.2023 (Friday) -  08:30 - 10:30 | 20:15 - 22:00

19.08.2023 (Saturday) - 08:30 - 10:30 | 20:15 - 21:30

20.08.2023 (Sunday) - 08:30 - 10:30 (only if a reserved competition flight will take place)

On the 17th-18th, if there are participants in the night glow, the gas refueling will be extended.


The refueling area is located on the edge of the airfield next to Kosmonautow Street (0518 / 4432). The area can be reached from the north (Leszczynska Street) and south (Szybownikow Street). In the area, keep to the driving directions shown in the attached picture. 

  • It is important to keep all possible sources of ignition away from the refueling area for the propane-air mix as it can be explosive.
  • No nylon clothing, banners, flags, etc. are allowed in the refueling area.
  • No loose strikers in the basket. They must be properly stored and disarmed.
  • Only two persons per vehicle in the refueling area.
  • Baskets and/or propane cylinders must if possible be removed from enclosed trailers or vehicles.
  • Only experienced persons (pilots or crew chiefs) will be allowed to refuel.
  • No consumption of alcoholic drinks in the refueling area.
  • Persons who appear to be intoxicated will not be allowed access to refueling.
  • No dogs or other pets in the vehicle during refueling.
  • No radios, mobile phones, cameras, or other electronic equipment are allowed to use.
  • The vehicle lights and engine must be turned off during refueling.
  • No loitering in the refueling area after refueling.
  • Always wear gloves in the refueling area.
  • Follow the instructions of the refueling personnel.
WhatsApp groups
15 Aug 2023

Hi all,

During this event, we are going to use WhatsApp for the recall procedure, for spreading competition-related and public information, etc.

For this purpose, two WhatsApp groups were created:

Leszno 2023 public 

and Leszno 2023 ED

The Leszno 2023 public is open to everyone and anyone can join it and share his pictures, videos, and messages. The Leszno 2023 ED is closed. Only the pilot, his crew chief, and officials can join this group. Most of the time, the ability to comment will be disabled in this group and only during the flight, and one hour before and after it, it will be possible to write comments, questions, and other important information for the flight. This group will also be used by the measurement team to report the corrected coordinates of the targets used in a particular flight if such corrections occur. We will also use this group to collect pilot landing messages and pilots' confirmations about receiving important messages.

Appendix Nr. 1. Penalties calculation method of Red PZ No. 4 (Road S5) infringement.
17 Jun 2023

Pdf file with penalties calculation method for Red PZ No. 4 (Road S5) infringement.

The motorway plt track file is available to download here:Link

The Official competition rules
17 Jun 2023
The Official Competition Maps and PZs
17 Jun 2023

Maps of the Leszno and Dolsk competition areas plus PZs: Link

* Don't be confused - the Dolsk map has the User Grid printed on it, but the calibration is performed by using UTM coordinates and the electronic grid is UTM.

Please find attached The PLT file of PZ4 - Motorway. 

All penalties for PZ4 will be calculated against this PLT file.

Event Schedule
15 Jun 2023

August 16, Wednesday

11.00 - 15.30 Registration

16.00   General briefing

18.00   Tasks briefing

18.30   The first competition flight

20.30 - 22.30   Refueling

August 17, Thursday

05.00   Tasks briefing

05.30   The second competition flight

18.00   Tasks briefing in DOLSK.

18.30   The third competition flight in DOLSK

20.30 - 22.30   Refueling

August 18, Friday

05.00   Tasks briefing

05.30   The fourth competition flight

18.00   Tasks briefing

18.30   The fifth competition flight

20.30 - 22.30   Refueling

August 19, Saturday

05.00   Tasks briefing

05.30   The sixth competition flight

18.00   Tasks briefing

18.30   The seventh competition flight

21.30   Closing ceremony