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29 May 2024

Afternoon all pilots, crew and officials 

Due to weather forecast for this weekend the first round of the LSC 2024 has been postponed till a later date.

If you aren’t already and want to be on the email list just let me know at RFST91@AOL.COM and I will be happy to add you 

to our list

Soft landings:  as wet as it is here it would be pretty hard to have anything else

Richard Sabin

Maps and Waypoints
24 May 2024


All maps and waypoints can be downloaded from

go to 2024 National Championship

then ENB (electronic notice board)

then post that has link for maps and waypoints

that link takes  you to Dropbox where all files can be downloaded


LSC invite
24 May 2024
Greetings All Pilots

Registration is now open for the LSC 2024.

The Lone Star Challenge 2024 is on Watch Me Fly and is live

Its simple just email or text me (Richard Sabin) and let me know you are interested in joining us for the weekend. 

The first round weather permitting will start Friday May 31st till Sunday Jun 1st.
We will make final decision about weather on Wednesday May 29th

We will be using 2 things this year 1. and 2.the Balloon Live App,  for tracking and scoring this year so YOU will need to register at to be included in the the official scoring. For scoring at the Balloon Live APP that requires you to buy a Token for $9.99 which will be good till end of year for any future LSC this year. You can wait to be sure if weather permits to buy token.

NOTE !!!!!! 1.  Watch ME Fly  is a web based program ( Free Registration) 2. Balloon Live is an APP available  at App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android applications $5.99 will be used for task sheet, message board and event scoring
Balloon Live App will be used preflight and  inflight for maker drops and pilot declarations 

If you choose not to use the Balloon Live App you are welcome to come fly  but only your scores for a legal marker drop will be counted. if you don't use Balloon Live App you still need to register as a pilot at then I can put you into the LSC 2024 group for scoring.

After you have registered with WMF  I will be able to put on you on the Official LSC 2024 pilot list. Then you will be able to go into Balloon Live App and add the LSC 2024 to your competitions and pay for token at that time if you choose to buy one. $9.99
It will be under the Personal tab (upper right corner) next to 3 dots in the Balloon Live App

Please let me know ASAP  if you are interested so I can add you on the list, if you are unable to attend I can  easily delete you  , sooner is better.
I won't be able to add any pilots the morning of the first flight.

Registration is FREE on Watch Me Fly  and for those already registered on WMF just let me know you are interested and I can add you to the LSC 2024 pilot list

All are WELCOME so if you know of somebody that might be interested attending feel free to share this Email

Any questions feel free to ask 

Richard Sabin

903-235-8185  please text 

23 May 2024


The Lone Star Challenge is set up on Watch me Fly and will be ready to go for our first weekend event Friday May 31st to Sunday June 2nd weather permitting. Will make a decision for a go or no go on Wednesday  May 29th.