Electronic Noticeboard
Red PZ 006 Revision
Posted: 23 June 2023 - 19:42

Please review the revision to PZ 006 and add to your competition map.

Balloon Live
Posted: 21 June 2023 - 22:20

For this year’s event, we will be using a new logger and scoring system for competition and flight tracking. All pilots must use the FAI Balloon Live App (BLA) from a compatible device, and pilots have the option to use a Balloon Live Sensor (BLS) as well. The device running the BLA must have internet connectivity, either through a cellular network, mobile hotspot, or Wi-Fi. It is recommended that pilots utilize a dedicated device for operating the BLA, with the device set to prevent the screen from going to sleep during the flight.

For pilots using a BLS, please note there was a recent firmware update. It is recommended that all pilots complete this update prior to the event. The most recent firmware version is available from Balloon Live here, and directions for update the firmware are located here.

Below are pilot resources for WatchMeFly and Balloon Live. It is recommended that all pilots new to using BLA/BLS review the guides and videos below.

·       Balloon Live & WatchMeFly for Pilots

·       WatchMeFly – Flight Report Forms

·       Balloon Live App – Using the App

·       Balloon Live Sensor Quick Reference

·       Balloon Live Sensor User Manual

·       Balloon Live Guides for Pilots


2023 Michigan Challenge Competition Rules
Posted: 21 June 2023 - 12:06
Competition Manual (Special Provision of Waiver)
Posted: 21 June 2023 - 10:23
Approved FAA Waiver
Posted: 21 June 2023 - 09:52