Top 5 Pilot Rankings after Each Task

This graph shows the ranking of the Top 5 ranked pilots (at the end of the event) after each task. If you were a competitor at the event, you will automatically be added to the graph.

You can also add an additional pilot for comparison using the drop-down box in the top right corner.

Task Wins by Pilot
Pilot Totals and Averages
Rank Pilot Nationality Points Average
1United States3,928982.0
2United States3,924981.0
3United States3,758939.5
4United States3,528882.0
5United States3,398849.5
6The Netherlands3,360840.0
7United States3,305826.3
8United States3,297824.3
9United States3,258814.5
10United States3,182795.5
11United States3,124781.0
12United States3,119779.8
13United States3,036759.0
14United States2,854713.5
15United States2,775693.8
16United States2,744686.0
17United States2,291572.8
18United States2,169542.3
19United States2,013503.3
20United States1,882470.5
21United States820205.0
22United States532133.0
23United States500125.0
#32 - SMITH, Al
United States469117.3
25United States34486.0
26United States28170.3
27United States25062.5
28United States21954.8
29United States18847.0
30United States9423.5
30United States9423.5
#23 - MYER, Ken
United States9423.5