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06/08/2023 Morning flight CANCELED
Posted: 6 August 2023 - 08:19

Due to bad conditions for flights and wet fields, the morning flight is canceled. Next briefing on next year. Thank you.

Morning briefing was postponed till 8:00 AM
Posted: 6 August 2023 - 02:15

Due to heavy rain, and thunderstorm the morning briefing was postponed till 8:00 AM.

05/08/2023 Evening flight is CANCELED
Posted: 5 August 2023 - 21:50

Due to strong and gusty wind the flight is CANCELED. Next briefing on 06/08/2023 at 04:35. 

Results of 39th Hot Air Balloon Polish Championship after 5 flights
Posted: 5 August 2023 - 17:02
Remaining flying program
Posted: 5 August 2023 - 08:00

Following the R8.1 I announce that the last competition flight is planned for Sunday morning.
Shortened time limits applied according to R5.6

Results of 39th Hot Air Balloon Polish Championship after 2 flights
Posted: 3 August 2023 - 21:01
03/08/2023 Evening flight is CANCELED
Posted: 3 August 2023 - 18:44

Due to the strong wind, the evening flight on 03/08/2023 is CANCELED! The next briefing is on 04/08/2023 at 04:35. 

Event director

03/08/2023 Morning flight is CANCELED
Posted: 2 August 2023 - 21:17

Due to the strong wind, the morning flight on 03/08/2023 is CANCELED! The next briefing is on 03/08/2023 at 17:30. 

Event director

Note after the General Briefing
Posted: 1 August 2023 - 18:15

During the Genera briefing Jury president and Jury members were selected:

Jury president - Nowakowski Bartosz

Jury members: Kalousdian Aline and Filus Witold

Regarding refueling and parking procedure:

In case a pilot or his crew during refueling will not follow the requests of the safety officer, will make a mess, block passage and endanger other participants, and will not follow orders in the parking lot next to the competition center, block the movement of other participants' cars and block trailers of other participants: the first time he will be warned, the second time he will be penalized, and the third time he will be disqualified for unsporting behavior. 

UPDATE /01.08.2023/: The Official Championship Map and PZ file for OZI wity new .map calibration file
Posted: 15 July 2023 - 17:46

The official event map along with the PZ file for OziExplorer, can be downloaded from here.

Schedule of the event
Posted: 15 July 2023 - 14:50

August 01, Tuesday

13.00 - 16.30 Registration

17.00    General briefing

18:00    Supper

19.00    Opening ceremony

21:00    Parade with burners 

August 02, Wednesday

04.35     Tasks briefing

05.05     The first competition flight

17.30     Tasks briefing 

18.00     The second competition flight

August 03, Thursday

04.35     Tasks briefing

05.05     The third competition flight

17.30     Tasks briefing 

18.00     The fourth competition flight

August 04, Friday

04.35     Tasks briefing

05.05     The fifth competition flight

17.30     Tasks briefing 

18.00     The sixth competition flight

Social Events:

18:45    Zelazny Orlen Aerobatic Group Air Show (MOSiR)

21:00    Night Glow & Fire Show

August 05, Saturday

04.35    Tasks briefing

05.05    The seventh competition flight

17.30    Tasks briefing 

18.00    The eighth competition flight

21.00    Night Glow (reserved day) 

August 06, Sunday

04.35   Tasks briefing

05.05   The ninth competition flight

11.00   Closing ceremony

Everyday Schedule:

Refueling will be accessible immediately after each flight. 

Pre-breakfast before a morning flight, breakfast, and supper in Zlota Rybka. Chillout Zone after a flight in the tent next to the Zlota Rybka.

Lunch - TBA.

Balloon Live Check List
Posted: 15 July 2023 - 14:39
The Official Championship Rules v2
Posted: 15 July 2023 - 14:21