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Competitor #25 protest
18 Jun 2023
Complaint response
18 Jun 2023
Competitor #25 complaint
18 Jun 2023
Jury Final Report
18 Jun 2023
Final Jury Decision
18 Jun 2023
17 Jun 2023

Please note:  The Saturday morning briefing will be at 5:30am.  Doors open at 5:15.

Remind messages will be sent out, but please spread the word.

We are cautiously optimistic to accomplish a full competition flight.

16 Jun 2023

If your Balloon Live Sensor is giving an E-SEAL error message, please do the following ASAP (as early as possible today)

email your BLS serial number AND a description of when/how you got the E-SEAL  message to

Please include your phone number for questions.

We will attempt to resolve your issue before you leave Longview.  Please note, we may not be able to resolve all issues, depending on the circumstances causing the error.

Evening flight consideration
16 Jun 2023

To All US Nationals Pilots, 

There will be no evening competition flights at the 2023 US National Hot Air Balloon Championship. 

Dinner at Maude Cobb will be served tonight at 5:00 pm instead of 5:30 pm. All pilots/crews are invited to attend the dinner even if you are not scheduled to glow. Make sure you have your parking passes and credentials.  

The glow briefing is scheduled for 7:00 pm tonight. 

The next competition briefing will be tomorrow morning at 5:45 am. 

For any pilot that is affected by the wide spread power outage, staff will provide you a secure location to charge electronics at Maude Cobb overnight. If you want to take advantage of this offer, bring your devices and power cords/strips to the evening briefing tonight.  

New Yellow PZ 4006
15 Jun 2023

Please see the attached gpx file for the new Yellow PZ

CRAT Scoring 6/14
14 Jun 2023
Maximum Distance Double Drop Scoring area Flight 1 6/14
14 Jun 2023
PZ Clarification - Bruce Bridges
13 Jun 2023

The Map and PZ files show a PZ titled "Bruce Bridges" located at approximately 2783/9934.

This is a YELLOW PZ, and will be referred to as "PZ2799 Yellow".  A screen shot is attached.

NEW YELLOW PZ 3703 (was CLP)
13 Jun 2023

Goal 3703 CLP is now a Yellow PZ

New Task Sheet Format
12 Jun 2023
The task sheet format has changed .  Here is this morning's practice flight in the new format, which should be easier to read.
Jury approves rule change
12 Jun 2023
Pibal 6-12-23 5:27am
12 Jun 2023
Revised contest area
11 Jun 2023
Per request , the US Nationals jury has approved a n updated contest area. 
Operations Manual
10 Jun 2023
Pilot Schedule v3 Briefings start at 545am
8 Jun 2023
Propane Refueling Area
31 May 2023
Maude Cobb Convention Center
31 May 2023
FAA Waiver- Special Provisions
24 May 2023
2023 Competition Maps, Waypoint files and PZ files
24 May 2023
2023 BFA US National Competition Manual
11 May 2023