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General Briefing Notes
15 Jul 2024
Vertical Speed Limits, Penalty Guide and Conversion
14 Jul 2024
FAA Certificate of Waiver and Balloon Competition Operations Manual
3 Jul 2024
Digital Map Options and Official Files
26 Jun 2024

Satellite Map Image (requires download of both files saved to same folder):

Topo Map Image (requires download of both files saved to same folder):

Custom Google Map (for use as a satellite reference for pilots, crew and staff)

(4) Red PZs (Ozi PLT files in folder)

(4) Red Roads (Ozi PLT files in folder)

(11) Yellow PZs (Ozi PLT files in folder; includes three not shown on topo map image)

(1,369) Official Goal List (Ozi WPT file) 

2024 USWNC Competition Rules
24 Jun 2024
Balloon Live App and Sensor - Latest Updates, Operation Recommendations and Event Registration
5 Jun 2024


  • The latest version of the Balloon Live App is v2034.
  • The latest Balloon Live Sensor firmware is v4.19.

For further information and latest updates, please visit



For additional support not found on , please contact

Paul Petrehn, Event Director

2024 USWNC Pilot Schedule
19 Mar 2024

2024 USWNC Pilot Schedule (updated July 3, 2024)

Pilot List / Pilot Numbers
17 Feb 2024

Participation in this year's event is limited to a maximum of twenty competitors. The pilot numbers shown in the pilot list are temporary and subject to change during the registration process.

  • Priority will be given to pilots as they appear on the 2024 US Women's Nationals Invitation Order List (Numbers 1-28).

  • Second priority will be given to pilots meeting the application deadline that don't appear on the list (Numbers 101+), in the order their applications are received.

The top twenty eligible competitors will be assigned numbers 1-20 and waiting list pilots assigned numbers 101+ after March 15 and not later than March 20, Pilot numbers will become final June 15.

2024 USWNC Pilot Application Letter
1 Feb 2024
2024 USWNC Invitation Order List
17 Jan 2024